Invest in Thane – the City of Lakes

Invest in Thane – the City of Lakes

Not many people living outside Mumbai metropolitan region are aware of the fact that Thane is in fact a city of lakes. There are as many as 35 lakes in the city which give it its beauty and promising real estate locations. Thane has been associated with Mumbai since the 1850s when the first train line from Mumbai was laid down till Thane. Since then, the city has been a partner to Mumbai, with all the prevailing trends of Mumbai being practiced in Thane as well. This is true for property development in the city as well. As Mumbai witnessed a high demand for residential properties; its suburban regions started to evolve. The demand and development of residential properties started in Thane as well. This demand was initially speculative, but with the development of the suburban localities, it became more potent.

Now Thane is almost as much in demand as Mumbai property market is. Good train and road connectivity has made it possible for the residents of the city to travel to Mumbai on a daily basis. This has led to the rise of residential properties in the city. Thane district as a whole comprises of many regions which are hot property markets today. Kalyan perhaps is the most promising among them all.

What has driven the long term demand for properties in Thane?

Thane has the benefit of spaces that Mumbai does not have. This is why the city is has been home to large warehouses and commercial complexes which otherwise would have been exceedingly expensive to own in Mumbai. This was a long time back and led to the development of commercial spaces in the city. As the local commercial activity increased, the demand for residential accommodations was meant to follow. The end result is the demand for property in Navi Mumbai that we see today. Thane is evolving as a replica of Mumbai. The city is dotted with residential highrises and malls in different locations. Anyone interesting in renting or purchasing properties in Thane would encounter the price and availability trends which are similar to localities in Mumbai.

Residential property is definitely available in Thane and presents a good investment prospect. However one should be sure about the asked price which can be mapped with the current prices prevailing in the market.

Searching for properties in Thane

If one is interested in properties in Thane, then can be of immense help. The portal has been known to offer verified property listings. If one is looking for resale properties, then there is a very good provision to search for flats for sale in Navi Mumbai online. The portal allows the end users to search for houses in a locality and the search results are revealed in a map of that locality. This way the end users get to explore the locality as well. Additionally, the property specifications allow them to view photographs taken by housing agents, house amenities, society amenities and even distance of important places like banks, parks, bus stations etc. from the house.

The process is similar in case of new projects as well. There the end users get to see the drone video depicting apartments in Navi Mumbai under development.

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